Royal Highness paying Tribute to the Indian Soldiers An invitation was received from the Prince of Wales office to the Hindu council to send a delegation to participate in a memorial service to pay tribute to the contribution of the Indian soldiers in the First World War...
BNP Legal Officer Lays Criminal Charge after Ghanaian-origin Rap Singer Urges Murder of Nick GriffinBritish National Party legal officer Lee Barnes has laid a criminal charge against Ghanaian-origin rap singer “Lethal Bizzle” after he called for Nick Griffin’s murder on Twitter.
Black BritainToday’s announcement by the Home Office means that police will be given the power to keep the DNA of anyone cautioned or arrested on the national criminal database for up to six years.
images/SocialRespon/2010_jan/idiampr.jpgPaying tributes on the eve of India’s Republic Day, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said Britain will not be the same “without our strong bond with India and the enormous part played by the Indian community”.
Labour Letting Troops DownA secret report holds the UK government responsible for wasting over £2.5 bn per year on buying the wrong military equipment. The Sunday Times said that the report claims the scale of Ministry of Defence bungling is so severe it “is harming our ability . . . to conduct difficult current operations”.....
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