TCHO: Passion + Technology = Dream Comes TrueThe packaging is simple. The patterns are abstract. It is made by TCHO. It is chocolate. It is technology.

There have been streams of reports on this inspiring company, TCHO that brings chocolate and technology together creating another gastronomic marvel! On 18th June 2009.

CNET News depicted the story of Timothy Childs who formerly worked with NASA and Louis Rossetto, the Wired magazine co-founder, turning their passion for chocolate into a successful business in food industry with their shared expertise in technology.

It goes without saying that technology has been playing an exceptional role in the chocolate production, all the way from the very stage of growing to that of advertising. The whole process is technologically driven. As Los Angeles

Times observes, they are “seizing control, from bean to bar.” Every step is taken seriously for the flavour must be brought out as perfectly as possible. Nonetheless, when it comes to labelling their premium product, emphasis has shifted from quantitative display of cacao content percentage to qualitative reflections of various flavours marking “Chocolatey”, “Fruity”, “Nutty”, etc. Simple and straightforward, just as technology is supposed bring us.

Their respect for the genuineness of chocolate is clearly indicated by such act. The wonder created by these chocolate enthusiasts is so lauded that the ever so persuasive media have likened them to “the new Willy Wonkas”.

Customers that have experienced the sensations brought by the TCHO chocolate are so wonderstruck that this technologically grown, nursed, produced, packaged product
is regarded as the best. In the spirit of technology, progression and innovation are the key for success and the maintenance of being the best in the industry.

The industry is excited by such huge step in the history of food technology that the company is flooded with awards coming from Academy of Chocolate Award 2009 to the Academy of Chocolate Gold Award in February 2009 and a Gold European Design Award in May 2009!

On the international stage, TCHO is also receiving a round of applause for its corporate social responsibility. While the company produces its highly praised chocolate with “the most modern technology”, it also protects the manufacturers with the devotions to the concept of fair trade.
TCHO is pushing the boundary. It is pushing the industry forward. It is pushing chocolate to a higher form of being while bringing out the ultimate greatness of this well-loved provender.

At the same, it has also set a new benchmark for food technology in general and chocolate in particular. Standard is raised and that the demand for higher standard is on the rise. Above all, TCHO has exemplified successfully the dream beingmaterialised by passion and technology.


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