Paul Sinha                Ayesha Hazarika          Sacha Baron Cohen
Paul Sinha Ayesha Hazarika Sacha Baron Cohen

By day he is Dr Sinha, and by night he is an openly gay Asian comic. Paul Sinha is one of the growing group of... read more...


Ayesha Hazarika is a second-generation Indian immigrant, brought up in Scotland. She a... read more...


Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was born in 1971 to an Israeli mother and Welsh father. His rise to fame ... read more...


                   Lenny Henry

                   Russell Peters                     The Funjabis
Lenny Henry Russell Peters The Funjabis

Lenny Henry remains one of Britain’s most famous comedians. Lenworth Henry was born in Dudley ... read more...


Russell has performed in the UK since 1995, and is now a popular face at such top clubs as The Comedy Store ... read more...


Even the most dedicated aficionados of the British comedy scene would probably struggle to name more than ... read more...

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