EMMA Projection Illuminates Voters of Electoral ThreatThe extensive campaign to aggress the emerging far right movement in British politics spiked overnight with an ambitious demonstration which saw a manipulated image of the swastika projected onto the British houses of parliament.

In a unique guerrilla manoeuvre to ward voters away from expressing support for right wing political parties, members from the Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy (EMMA) gathered on the river Thames and projected the image which carried the provocative message “Decision time. Keep the far right, right out.”

The projection lacquered the historic stones of the palace of Westminster, the symbol of British and much of western democracy, for several minutes after the hours of 0.30 on Monday morning.

The image was a symbolic premonition warning voters about the scurrilous ethical core of right wing extremism which is marketed by parties such as the British National party (BNP). It was also a protest against such ideology being voted into the houses of parliament.

A spokesman for EMMA explained that the projection was in defence of British democracy which has been historically housed and demonstrated in Westminster for hundreds of years.

“The rationale behind this projection is to protect this iconic building that is the bastion of our democratic values around the world against the invasion of the far right.” He said.

EMMA founder Bobby Syed said of the projection: “If people are upset by the sight of a swastika on the House of Commons, imagine how they’ll feel if someone with Nazi-type policies takes a seat in the house.”

Syed explained that disillusioned voters who had stated that they would defer their support for Labour to the BNP as a protest should reconsider the dangers of such action.

“We need to get people not to make a naive protest vote for the BNP.” He said, adding: “As Martin Luther King said; ‘everything Hitler did was legal.’ We’re trying to use democracy for good and not for evil.”
The projection demonstration has been regarded as the wildcard of EMMA’s extensive campaign to convince the British public to deny far right parties such as the BNP their sole exclusive vote.

The “keep the far right, right out” campaign has encompassed a series of viral and print advertisements along with provocative election videos which have stimulated a great deal of interest and conversation on YouTube.

Syed commented that the vulnerable and contentious topic of immigration had been largely neglected by politicians in the course of the campaign trail and there was a need for a proper debate on the topic.

“We need to have a debate about immigration, which is an economic, not a racial issue.” He said.

EMMA has from its origins sought to highlight the importance of democratic participation to counter the real threat that emerges from fascism.

As the campaign trail turns into its final week, the aggression of political action burns with a great intensity. In the constituencies of Barking and Dagenham and Stoke-upon-Trent where the British National party (BNP) imposes a genuine chance of electoral success, the motivation to dissuade voters from the controversial right wing establishment is immense.

The May holiday weekend has seen incredible activity from a variety of anti-fascist campaigners directly targeting the areas which are considered vulnerable to BNP influence. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) members swarmed to the areas of Barking, Dagenham and Stoke in an effort top turn voters away from Nick Griffin’s notorious outfit.

Mass human action aside however, it is the symbolic and poetic simplicity of EMMA’s projection which may prove decisive in shocking Britons into the reality of endorsing a party which is centred around an ethos of ethnic apartheid.

In an election campaign which has been driven by words and promises, it is perhaps one simple image that will shock Britain – and the democratic west – into a consciousness motivated by the belief in the respect of human rights and a rejection of anyone who threatens this basic entitlement.

Overall EMMA Trust is campaigning to promote political responsibility to the public. The EMMA Trust Election Awareness Campaign has produced 6 print ads for UK press, outdoor ads, and 3 online viral Ads.

The viral ads were played at the ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ this weekend: (http://lovemusichateracism.com ) show before UB40’s performance in Barnsley. The ‘Ballot Box’ print ad has been postered outdoors around BNP strongholds in six locations, including Barking and Dagenham, where Nick Griffin is running for MP.

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