Incidents of Racial Offence Intensify as London Crime Rates Fall

Incidents of racial crimes are on the increase to 6.5%; particularly amidst these recent MET reports claiming London crimes rates are down to a 10-year low. Assault, robbery, youth violence and gun attacks continue to fall annually. However, the opposite is true of the incidents of racially motivated crimes.

Racist Crime Progression January08February09
No. of crimes 9,0329,367
No. of crimes 88508,796
% change from previous year2.10%6.50%

The report for Jan08-09 consisted of 9003 registered racial cases. London boroughs have an average of 281 counts of racial offence and by trend; incidence of racist crimes have been growing up 2.10% up since January and 6.5% by February.
Racist Crime Statistics

BoroughOffence Count
(in descending order) 
Percentage of Total Reported Crimes
Average Offence Count: 281
Westminster 5106%
Greenwich 4044%
Tower Hamlets3864%
Barking & Dagenham3544%
Camden 3454%
Waltham Forest 2993%
Wandsworth236 3%
Harrow 2222% 
Hammersmith + fulham217 2% 
Enfield 1822%
Kensington & Chelsea1782% 
Kingston upon Thames1131%
Richmond upon Thames931%
Total Racial Offence9003100% 



























Of all of London’s boroughs, Westminster reported the highest incidents of racially motivated crimes with 510. Westminster constitutes 5% of the total racial crime in the UK’s capital.

Lewisham, Greenwich and Hackney came in second and got past the 400+ mark. Barnet, Tower Hamlets, Ealing, Bromley, Hounslow, Barking & Dagenham, Southwark, Camden, Islington, Hillingdon and Lambeth were all ranked with over 300+ counts of racist offence.

For the past decade, some of the boroughs within these two brackets have received special assistance by the MET to break any language barrier within the communication. Local translators have been hired in the hope of aiding immigrants in reporting any incidents.

Waltham Forest, Brent, Wandsworth, Croydon, Harrow, Hammersmith & Fulham, Havering and Haringey acquired the average expected frequency of 200+. Merton, Enfield, Kensington & Chelsea, Redbridge, Bexley, Newham and Sutton were at the lower end of the spectrum with only 100+ counts.

According to these statistics of reported racist incidents, Richmond upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames seem to be the most racially harmonious places to live in. Both account for only 1% of London’s total racial crimes (93 and 113 counts respectively).

London continues to grow in cultural diversity and with these changes, racial conflicts and tensions emerge.

It is vital that now, more than ever; we work together as communities and also as individuals to be not only vigilant but socially sensitive. Ignorance breeds mistrust and in some cases hatred. We must strive for a better understanding of different races and cultures living in our society and if we do so, there is no reason why we can’t live in true multicultural harmony.



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