BNP Must “Adapt or Die”: GriffinThe British National Party (BNP) were told by a county court Judge last week that they had one last chance to amend their white-only policy or face potential legal action over its breach of equity laws.

The BBC reports that BNP leader Nick Griffin, a man who stirs commotion wherever he goes, emerged from Central London county court on Thursday night amid scuffling protesters and reporters to reveal he had been given two weeks to redesign and approve the party’s current constitution.

This was the second occasion that lawyers representing the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) had successfully challenged the BNP’s constitution on the grounds that it was discriminatory.

The tone for this occasion was that the constitution now projected “indirect discrimination” as opposed to the “direct discrimination” it once had.

John Wadham of the EHRC commented that the amended version constantly refers to “indigenous British” as an ethnical requirement for membership. “It’s not that much of an improvement,” he stated. While Robin Allen QC suggested that the BNP’s changes were "highly suspect" and "unquestionably" racially discriminatory.

Judge Paul Collins expressed his agreement that some of the phrases contained within the amended constitution were still vague and provided loopholes through which applying members could be denied. He was firm in his remarks, while suspending his verdict until the date of the BNP extraordinary general meeting on the 14th of February, where he suggested more legally satisfactory amendments be made.

“I'm going to give the BNP an opportunity to have its EGM and take into account what has been said today and get it right. I do not think there will be another opportunity to get it right. This is it.” He said as he ordered the BNP to pay the £12,500 of court costs accumulated as the result of the hearing.

Griffin was notably unhappy with the result, condemning the EHRC’s actions as “cynical and despicable” and a “waste of public money.” He seems to have retreated in this instance as he has publically urged his members to approve the new amendments to the constitution, explaining it was a case of “adapt or die.”

The leader’s comments were echoed passionately by a party spokesman Simon Darby who said the party would have to “emasculate its constitution and drop its policies and principles” to satisfy the wishes of the court. He stated his belief that Judge Collins’ demand was “a deadly serious attempt to put us out of business.”

Part of the BNP’s constitution currently states that the party is “implacably opposed to the promotion by any means of any form of integration or assimilation of any indigenous people, including the Indigenous British, which is likely to deprive such people of their integrity as a distinct people or the distinctiveness of their cultural values or of their ethnic or national identities or characteristics.”

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