images//burns%20night.jpg Burn’s night is a patriotic festival honouring the life and work of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Scots worldwide celebrate this tradition on the 25th of January to commemorate the bard’s birthday. The Burn’s night festivities include a traditional meal of ‘Haggis,’ a pudding of sheep organs, oatmeal and savoury spices 

The meal ends with a variety of toasts followed by Scottish dancing, poetry recitals and concluding with the communal linking of arms whilst singing the famous ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

Robert Burns was born into a relatively poor, tenant-farmer background however he received a good education and excelled, especially in reading. It has been suggested that Burns’ poems complemented the growing literary taste for pastoral pleasures and the type of romanticism that would dominate the literary scene for the next century or so. This brought Robert Burns great recognition and he was soon writing for ‘The Scots Musical Museum’ for whom he penned the songs ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘My luve is Like a Red Red Rose’.

Robert Burn’s poetry was especially known for the underlying notions of equality and liberty, which were sweeping through the western world as a consequence of the French and American Revolutions. This provides a multicultural influence to the celebration traditional to Scottish heritage.

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