Dear colleagues,

On the threshold of the new millennium, it can be said with some pride that Britain’s ethnic minorities have established their place at every level of British society.

The creativity that exudes from the rich cultural diversity of Africa, Asia, the West Indies and the Middle East allows Britain with its huge ethnic minority population the chance to enjoy a creative pre-eminence which is hailed by the wider international community.

The world art, literature, fashion, music and advertising have all been inspired and some cases benefited from the cross-cultural dialogue that allows Britain to lead from the front.

The organisers of the first ever Ethnic Minority Media Awards (EMMA) recognise and acknowledge the wealth of talent that lies hidden within the media world and hope that the awards will play their part in bringing to the forefront those ‘silent contributors’ without whom there would be no ‘Cool Britannia’.

In compiling this evening’s magazine which serves not only as a historical record of a unique occasion, but also as a comprehensive guide to the ethnic minority media professional who excel within their individual discipline, the organisers of the EMMA Awards wish to extend a special thank you to Farida Cooper who has prepared and edited this magazine.

I would also like to show my gratitude to the Hearsay Communications team for their dedication and commitment, to all the patrons and judges who have shown support and loyalty to this cause as well as the various sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible.

I hope you all enjoy this evening of celebration.

Bobby Syed

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" EMMA is a great initiative to bring together and acknowledge publicly the professionalism, expertise and contribution of the recipients...and will continue to make a great contribution to the ethnic and mainstream media in Britain. "
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