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Application FormThe first ever Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards (EMMAs) were held on the 14th May 1998 at the Dorchester Hotel and were hosted by Lisa Aziz (Sky News Presenter) and Darcus Howe (Broadcaster/Journalist). The Awards were set-up as an independent initiative without any hidden political agendas or direct influence with any active political organization. We were also very careful to maintain a healthy working relationship with all the corporate and commercial organizations who have a distinct commercial interest within this unique ethnic/multicultural market sector in the UK and beyond. The Awards have maintained their political/commercial independence after many successful years. The EMMAs are presently regarded as a prestigious statement of fact, outlining the positive contribution made by many individuals and organizations to the most powerful industry in the world: the media, and has grown successfully since its 1997 conception.

We were extremely lucky in the second and third year (1999/2000) to be televised as a regional show by Carlton Television, after the Stephen Lawrence enquiry had touched each one of us, with the distinct reality that institutional racism had existed at all levels of British society. The hard work from the EMMA team and the unconditional support from the many EMMA supporters/judges have ensured that EMMA has grown into a globally recognized Award ceremony, with the year 2000 witnessing Nelson Mandela’s visit to London receiving his EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

The subsequent birth of the Cultural Diversity Network (CDN) has ensured that the original EMMA initiative can be embraced by the broadcast industry as a point of reality for a better multicultural representation within British society as a whole.  The EMMAs have highlighted the importance of the media industry, by reflecting a unique multicultural perspective, which should ultimately not be missed by this industry as a whole. The creativity that exudes from these rich diverse communities cannot be overlooked by news editors, television commissioners, advertising executives etc. as terrorism/racism rises.

The message since EMMA 1998 has been clear; fifty years of multicultural Britain has left its indelible mark. This has sparked a cultural revolution, which has transcended race and class within a growing media industry reflective of this global dynamism. Externally, it is the diverse new media who have offered this vital U.K. worldwide perspective, which on countless occasions has been debated within our society. Year by year the EMMAs are in the forefront of dismantling the dominant glass ceiling of the twenty first century through its honest approach.

The EMMA Awards reflect a more dynamic regionally entertaining and informative awards ceremony. We intend to appeal to the younger global multicultural communities as a source of inspiration. This in turn we hope will result in a more interactive awards ceremony, which will help to redefine global cultural depth/diversity and professional standard/ achievement.
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" EMMA is a great initiative to bring together and acknowledge publicly the professionalism, expertise and contribution of the recipients...and will continue to make a great contribution to the ethnic and mainstream media in Britain. "
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