EMMA Company MissionEMMA the Brand, EMMA the Awards, EMMA the Website, EMMA the Organisation are all creations born out of a singular drive to further the nation’s defiance against racism and to be a supportive network for all humanitarian causes leading to a positive multicultural world for all.

Since 1997 EMMA has successfully promoted diversity within the media industry by publicly recognising the levels of excellence achieved by the multicultural community, and the qualities that each ethnic group brings to the professional and commercial success of the UK as a whole.

The EMMAs were established to celebrate humanity’s collective culture, regardless of race, creed or colour. We are moving away from historical tribal conflicts and stereotypical images of various races, religions and above all, modern day class related issues that have dominated our contemporary society.

With this in mind, along with the growing threat of terrorism and the isolation that it creates, EMMA symbolises the collective importance of the media industry, which ultimately dominates all of our lives in a way that has no parallel in a modern contemporary society – hence EMMA’s importance and rationale.

As a Social Responsibility advocate, EMMA aids businesses and organisations in their quest to become pioneers of positive change by reflecting their commitment and honesty to the communities they serve.

EMMA believes that individuals from our culturally diverse background should be encouraged to further their careers and be proud of their contribution, and endeavours to support this by highlighting multi-ethnic successes through a non-racist media industry and emphasising its positive role models.

The stars of the EMMA ceremony are not just mainstream names, but also include those whose work out of the public eye is invaluable to the continuing success of multicultural media.

EMMA also hopes to break down existing tribal and national barriers, and encourage a better mainstream understanding of the UK’s gloriously diverse society, and the importance of its role in the cultural life and media of this country.

The EMMA Awards presence on the international stage has not only meant a real achievement for its nominees, finalists, winners and the public alike, but has also placed a new emphasis on the existing work of the EMMA Festival highlighting local ethnically diverse communities and the creation of positive new role models regardless of their race, creed or colour.

EMMA’s website is a home for open-minded debate, discussion and opinions, all of which are provided by EMMA constituents. EMMA gives positive support to its communities, whether in the public, private or not-for-profit sector, by aiding communication, providing information and developing a connection between different cultures across the UK and indeed the world.

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" EMMA is a great initiative to bring together and acknowledge publicly the professionalism, expertise and contribution of the recipients...and will continue to make a great contribution to the ethnic and mainstream media in Britain. "
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