Nelson MandelaMr Bobby Syed founded EMMA (Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy) in 1997. Bobby realised that although Britain is a multicultural nation, this diversity is not reflected in the media industry. The EMMA Awards were created to recognise and honour humanitarian media excellence – a legacy that continues today.

Bobby envisaged that EMMA could aid humanity’s progression by breaking down the barriers of institutional racism and cultural ignorance. He set about enlisting visionaries within the media industry, inviting them to join the EMMA community and way of life. Individuals with strength of spirit and character were highlighted; in particular those whose achievements withstood the test of time such as Mahatma Ghandi, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela.

Both the EMMA Awards and the Internet Information Portal have a “lighthouse” effect that attracts great people from all over the world who contribute to EMMA’s development; working together to affect change, to promote equality and above all else, to encourage the simple art of living together.

Bobby believed that the lack of hope, contemporary role models, community spirit and core family values were beginning to take their toll on younger generations. He felt these values were fast being replaced by ignorance, racism and anti-social behaviour. EMMA has since evolved into a global village with a true philosophy:Mr Bobby Syed

Your character defines you, nothing else
Be proud of who you are
Follow your dreams
Respect yourself
Respect humanity
Know that when you help others, you are actually helping yourself
Respect the world you live in

EMMA is unbiased and without political agenda merely highlighting local and world issues regarding all ethnic groups in the world.

Diversity is the ability to recognize, accept, understand, connect and respond to different cultures in which we work. It involves learning and respecting. It means selecting, developing and promoting the best people regardless of race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability. It perfectly allows any organisation / business to relate better to its customers, suppliers, stakeholders, shareholders or any current and future strategic partners. Diverse workforce is nothing more than a better understanding of a diverse client base; the greater the diversity the greater the understanding.

EMMA is a 21st Century multicultural brand based on our growing 'Metropolitan' and 'Cosmopolitan' lifestyles within an urban environment. EMMA’s presence on the international stage has been a real achievement for everyone. EMMA places an emphasis on the work of ethnically diverse communities, celebrates our collective achievements and aids in the creation of positive new role models, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

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" EMMA is a great initiative to bring together and acknowledge publicly the professionalism, expertise and contribution of the recipients...and will continue to make a great contribution to the ethnic and mainstream media in Britain. "
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